This page gives brief descriptions of the different types of nannies we place with families. We are happy to give further advice to ensure a nanny is the best option for your family. If you would like us to help you find a nanny please take a look at our nanny service.

Nannies are either qualified with a recognised childcare qualification (e.g. the Cache Diploma in Nursery Nursing (formerly the NNEB); BTEC National Diploma in Nursery Nursing; Montessori Early Childhood Diploma; BTEC National Diploma in Childhood Studies; NAMCW (National and Maternal Child Welfare Certificate); and NVQ Level III (National Vocational Qualification)) or with relevant working experience (i.e. sole charge care of children with supporting references and testimonials). The responsibilities of a Nanny will include full nursery duties.

A professional Nanny would not normally be expected to undertake general household duties but will of course be responsible for all domestic duties related to childcare.

Junior Nannies

Junior Nannies will usually have a certificate or qualification in one of the many caring courses, for example (BTEC 1st Award, Preliminary Certificate in Social Care, Certificate in Childcare and Education, City & Guilds Family & Community Care). These courses are either shorter in length or broader in content by covering other aspects of caring, such as the elderly. A Junior Nanny may have limited sole charge care experience of children, which may be restricted to college placement experience and babysitting. This of course will be reflected in the starting salary but employers must of course first satisfy themselves of an individual's ability, if wishing to employ for a sole charge position. The Agency recommends, therefore, that Junior Nannies be placed in posts requiring limited sole charge care; to work alongside a parent; or to work in a situation where a parent works from home.

Temporary Nannies

Temporary Nannies can be supplied for weddings, crèches and conferences. All childcare staff are selected from our register of carefully screened and vetted personnel.

School holiday care is carried out by trained nursery nurses, teachers, experienced nannies and students who are either undergoing training in childcare related courses or who have relevant childcare experience. This type of care is available for the days and weeks required by the family but school holiday care does need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. We can also supply temporary nannies for sickness or holiday cover, subject to availability.

Maternity Nannies

Maternity Nannies are trained/experienced nurses and nannies who specialise in the care of newborn babies. A Maternity Nanny will undertake full day and night care enabling the mother to recuperate from the birth. A Maternity Nanny will have a wealth of experience in baby care and will help settle the new baby and mother into a routine. A contract period is usually from 2-12 weeks.


A Doula is a trained and experienced woman who provides physical, emotional and informative support to a woman and her partner during and after childbirth.

A Doula is not medically trained, but the role of a Doula is to "Mother the Mother" supporting her needs in relation to the care of her children. A Doula will undertake all duties and offer a mother full support. Duties range from attending the birth, offering post natal support, assisting a mother if she is lonely or in a particularly stressful situation, full childcare duties and the organisation of household chores, shopping etc.